15k Course











From the start at Mt. Ashland Ski parking lot, the course heads west to a junction with fire road 40S15 (.5 miles) before intersecting with the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). You turn right onto the PCT and follow the trail to the Grouse Gap aid station. From the aid station, the trail climbs to the saddle, and then contours to the Willamette Meridian turn around. Water will be available at this point.

The course leaves the Willamette Meridian on Rd 20 and heads east back to the Grouse Gap aid station. Be sure to stay on the road all the way to the aid station. From Grouse Gap aid station, the course then heads to Mt. Ashland via the PCT to the junction with Rd 40S15. Turn left onto Rd 40S15 and follow all the way back to the Mt. Ashland parking lot finish line!


Grouse Gap aid station will have water, Gatorade, Heed, and fruit. Water only is also available at the turnaround.


There will be snacks and drinks at the finish line, plus an optional full lunch is available for the 15k runners at the finish for an additional $10. All entrants will also be automatically entered into the S.O.B. Raffle! Check the raffle board after the race to see if you won anything!


1. The race begins at 8:30 am.
2. Numbers must be worn on the front and remain visible at all times.
3. The course is marked with pink flagging. You should never go more than 1/4 mile without seeing the flagging.
4. If you drop from the run, you must notify the aid station captain. If we have no record of you either finishing or dropping, we will be forced to call search and rescue.
5. No dogs will be allowed on the course! Leashed dogs are only allowed in the Mount Ashland parking area.
6. Course cutters will be disqualified.
7. Crews are not permitted to drive on the course.
8. Please NO littering! Help us maintain the beauty of this course. Pack your garbage to the nearest aid station.
9. NO exchanging of bib numbers. Registered runners only. This is critical to the safe tracking of all participants.
10. We would like to minimize our use of plastic bottles after the race. We will gladly serve post race beverages into your water bottles.
MILEAGE Section Total
Mt. Ashland parking lot to PCT via Road 40S15 .8 .8
PCT/Road 40S15 to Grouse Gap aid station 1.9 2.7
Grouse Gap aid station to Willamette Meridian Turnaround 2.1 4.8
Willamette Meridian to Grouse Gap aid station via Road 20 2.0 6.8
Grouse Gap aid station to PCT/RD40S15 junction 1.9 8.7
Road 40S15 to Mount Ashland Finish .8 9.5