100K Course

Same as 50K course to the second time through Willamette Meridian. From there we head north on the Split Rock trail. After 4 miles head down the Wagner Glade Trail to the aid station at 2060 (drop bags available), then down Potlicker. Potlicker takes you to Horn Gap Road. Head down the road, passing the Rickety Aid Station, to 2060 then down to Wonder Trail. A climb will take you to Fell-on-Knee Trail where you will take a right, heading down to Hitt Road. Up Hitt Road, down 2060 to Horn Gap Road where another climb awaits up Rickety. At the top of Rickety a small section on FS roads will take you to No Candies Trail. Out No Candies to Road 2050 at Horn Gap, then a (comparatively) flat section of Road 2060 to the Time Warp Aid Station. Up Time Warp (yes this is a bitch climb) to the top of Mt Ashland, then a quick jaunt to the finish at the Mt. Ashland Lodge.

You don’t need to remember this. The course will be well marked!


Most aid stations will be stocked with electrolyte drink, gels, water, potatoes, chips, cookies, pretzels, candy and other ultra goodies. All aid stations are full service.


Awaiting you at the finish line will be plenty of refreshments plus  hamburgers/veggieburgers.  Please let us know your intent on eating with us at registration as it helps with our planning.


1. The 100K race begins at 5AM. There is no early start.
2. Numbers must be worn on front and visible at all times.
3. Drop bags for Jackson Gap can be left in the designated area near check in.  Additional drop bag at Road 2060
4. This is mountain running – the morning may be cool with warm afternoon temperatures – come prepared for anything and you should carry at least one water bottle.
5. The course is marked with pink ribbon. You should never go more than 1/4 mile without seeing the flagging.
6. If you drop from the run, you must notify the aid station captain. If we have no record of you either finishing or dropping, we will be forced to call search and rescue.
7. No pacers are allowed, however, family and friends are welcome to join their runners, on their return, at the top of Mt. Ashland.
8. Dogs are not allowed on the course. Leashed dogs are only allowed in the Mount Ashland parking area.
9. Crews are not permitted to drive on the course.
10. Please NO littering. Help us maintain the beauty of this course. Pack your garbage to the nearest aid station.
11. NO exchanging of bib numbers. Registered runners only. This is critical to the safe tracking of all participants.
12. For safety reasons, no runners will be permitted to start after 5:15AM.
13. We would like to minimize our use of plastic bottles after the race. We will gladly serve
post race beverages into your water bottles.
MILEAGE Section Total
Start line to Willamette Meridian AS 5.0 5.0
Willamette Meridian AS to Siskiyou Gap AS 3.5 8.5
Siskiyou Gap AS to Jackson Gap AS 6.5 15.0
Jackson Gap AS to Siskiyou Gap AS 6.5 21.5
Siskiyou Gap AS to Willamette Meridian 3.5 25.0
Willamette Meridian AS to Potlicker AS 6.6 31.6
Potlicker AS to Rickety AS 4.8 36.4
Rickety AS to Rickety AS 7.2 43.6
Rickety AS to Potlicker AS 5.9 49.5
Potlicker AS to Time Warp AS 5.5 55.0
Time Warp AS to Finish 7.0 62.2!!!