Finisher Preview

For those 50M runners, we like to give you a preview of your finisher ceramic piece. We’ve been having quite a discussion here at SOB central as to what it is exactly. Rob thinks it is a wonderfully large coffee mug. John on the other hand thinks it works great holding his 22oz. IPA. He considers it a great beer stein. Mug or Stein. I’m going for a Coffee Stein. That being said, I’m enjoying the SOB Na Zdravi in it now. Duel purpose!!

This is the coffee stein that was available for purchase. The 50M one denotes the race.

See you Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Finisher Preview

  1. The 50K course is flagged, with yellow-green tape. The ribbons are mostly evenly spaced, about 5 per mile on trail portions and 4 per mile on roads, with a few extra at intersections and near aid stations. Note to sweeps: the ones attached to vegetation are tied so that a pull on the short end will release the knot, with minimum damage to the foliage.

    Hero award first class to those that cut up the many blowdowns! And those who manicured the trail in some spots, as a lot of the twiggy stuff has disappeared.

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